Seattle Stars
Seattle Stars
"Y entonces empezó nuestra historia de amor…con códigos secretos que solo podíamos entender nosotros. Un amor que traspasa la carne y te sacude por dentro, un amor que es el amor de tu vida. Me imagino que todo el mundo sueña con tener una historia de amor así una vez en su vida"
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"Certain melodies can heal a broken heart. Certain melodies can bring down walls. Certain melodies can bring justice to injustice. Certain melodies can make you unafraid when you should be afraid and that’s the power of music. Every song has a different message behind it."
Mark Foster (via psychotropicruby)
"Forgive. Forget. Fake it. Chin up. Wear lipstick, make lists, make sure your voicemail isn’t full. Mix protein shakes, send timely thank you notes, sip drinks more slowly, stare at adults’ eyebrows, smile without dimples, develop perfect posture. Be gracious, be kind, eliminate self-pity. Look in the mirror and shift your internal monologue from ‘How do I look?’ to ‘This is my face,’ from ‘What the hell am I doing?’ to ‘This is my life.’ Capitalize your emails, read the news, walk briskly, stay focused, and never, ever let on that you are somewhat lost and sometimes lonely and so completely confused (and would someone please just let me know what it is I’m supposed to do next, where exactly I’m supposed to go–). Just keep going. Go, and do not stop."
A Checklist for the Age 19 (Jennifer Schaffer)

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Hotel Chevalier - Wes Anderson (2007)

Se03 Ep02

The Supremes at a cafe.